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S.No.ISBNTitle of BookAuthorYearPublisherAction
19781474214872Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern MythsBhatt, Chetan2001BergClick Here
29781849664554Precariat: The New Dangerous ClassStanding, Guy2016BloomsburryClick Here
39781474280815Vishnuism and Shivaism : A ComparisonGonda, Jan1970BloomsburryClick Here
49781474267526Economic Development and Environmental History in the Anthropocene: Perspectives on Asia and AfricaAustin, Gareth, Eds.2017BloomsburryClick Here
59781849666084What is qualitative researchHammersley, M.2013BloomsburryClick Here
69780755695010Reporting the EU, News Media and the European InstitutionsLloyd, John and Marconi, Cristina2014IB TaurisClick Here
79780755604500From Moscow to Madrid: Postmodern Cities, European CinemaMazierska, Ewa and Rascaroli, Laura2002IB TaurisClick Here
89780755698998Muslim Kingship: Power and the Sacred in Muslim, Christian and Pagan PolitiesAziz, Al Azmeh2001IB TaurisClick Here
99780755611171Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam: History, Religion and Muslim Legitimacy in the Delhi SultanateAuer, Blain H.2012IB TaurisClick Here
109780755612376Over-Stating the Arab State: Politics and Society in the Middle EastAyubi, Nazih N.1995IB TaurisClick Here
11978-90-04-18372-8Theory as History: Essays on Modes of Production and ExploitationJairus Banaji2010Click Here
12978-90-04-18423-7Locations of Knowledge in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Esoteric Discourse and Western IdentitiesKocku von Stuckrad2010Click Here
13978-90-04-20630-4Carving Devotion in the Jain Caves at ElloraLisa Owen2012Click Here
14978-90-04-23144-3Working on Labor: Essays in Honor of Jan LucassenMarcel van der Linden; Leo Lucassen (Volume Editors)2012Click Here
15978-90-04-23442-0Marx and Singularity: From the Early Writings to the GrundrisseLuca Basso2012Click Here
16978-90-04-23645-5Labour, Coercion, and Economic Growth in Eurasia, 17th-20th CenturiesAlessandro Stanziani (Volume Editor)2013Click Here
17978-90-04-25115-1Migration and Membership Regimes in Global and Historical Perspective: An IntroductionUlbe Bosma; Gijs Kessler; Leo Lucassen (Volume Editors)2013Click Here
18978-90-04-25485-5Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and PresentSumit Guha2013Click Here
19978-90-04-26234-8The Fabric of Cities: Aspects of Urbanism, Urban Topography and Society in Mesopotamia, Greece and RomeNatalie N. May; Ulrike Steinert (Editors)2014Click Here
20978-90-04-26257-7Politics, Patronage and the Transmission of Knowledge in 13th - 15th Century TabrizJudith Pfeiffer (Volume Editor)2014Click Here